Everyone loves a well mannered dog and this is not something that many people realize they have control over. If you are getting a new pup for yourself or your family, you really do want to think about where that puppy is coming from. If you are thinking about a poodle then this is even more important because not all breeders of this type of dog are following the right type of guidelines to ensure happy, healthy litters. If you’ve come to TangoPoodles.com to learn more then you are obviously a concerned future owner. We want to enlighten you regarding this breed and then tell you what makes our puppies such a special choice. We hope you will find that this helps you make a better decision no matter where you get your next puppy from.

A Little Bit About Poodles and Their History as a Breed

Most people think that the poodle breed came from France, but this is actually not true. Pudel is what the dogs were known as to start with and this means “to splash around” because in their native Germany, they were used for retrieving things from the water. It turns out that their curly coats helped them in swimming and dried out rather quickly without leading to problems for them. Breeders then emphasized this coat in further generations as the dogs spread across Europe, to the British Isles and then eventually to North America, Asia and the rest of the world. The famed painter Durer actually drew poodles in the 1400′s so know that they have been around for at least 600 years in one form or another. Today there are many different sizes of this breed, as well, ranging from tiny teacup poodles right up to large standard poodles that are at least 15 inches tall at the shoulders. There are a lot of different grooming techniques used on these dogs and this is primarily personal choice. The dogs are also available in white, black, silver and apricot which is a reddish tan shade.

What Makes a Poodle Such a Wonderful Dog to Own Today?

While the coat that a poodle has is certainly a great deal of fun to pet, their appeal goes much further than this. Testing shows that these are some of the smartest dogs out there, as a breed. They are not typically aggressive, but they will bark to warn if you if danger is near or defend you if need be. They are able to be around children and other dogs easily enough so long as they are properly trained and training a poodle is generally a very quick process. Over all these are loving and gentle dogs with a high level of intelligence that do not shed, but they do need to be groomed regularly to keep their skin and coat healthy.

Why Tango Poodles Are a Good Choice for Those Who Want a Great Dog

There are plenty of places out there that you can get a poodle from, but just because these dogs are popular enough to warrant lots of breeders looking to earn money does not mean that you should buy from those breeders. We at TangoPoodles.com do a lot to make sure that our dogs stay healthy. We want to raise puppies without health issues who are happy because they have been raised in a home environment and love people. We want them to have solid confirmation, steady temperaments, and to do well in pursuits like obedience and agility. The bottom line is that we want you to have a poodle that is going to be a wonderful, loving companion for you and your family. We give you a 3 year health guarantee because we believe in the dogs we raise and if you are seeking a pet, then a spay or neuter contract will be part of the purchase of any puppy.

When You Are Ready for a Poodle of Your Own Getting a Great Pup is Crucial

We believe that if you are ready to get a good puppy, you deserve a little help. If you choose to get a Tango Poodle then you will certainly have plenty of support and have us hear ready to answer your questions. We want to make sure that you get the right dog for your home and that you know how to raise that dog so that everyone involved in its life enjoys it. We stand behind each of our pups and are here to help for life.

electric dog fenceAre you decided to buy an electronic dog fence? Someone is bothered on the dogs that wander freely on streets, roam around into different houses and making a mess. That is how the idea of an electronic dog fence has been conceptualized. This is similar in making decisions such as in buying electronic dog fences. You must conceptualize it first. What will be the dos and don’ts of buying it?

Although the electric dog fences create great benefits, it is still a must for you to learn its dos and don’ts to make sure the best possible utilization on this system of containment’s. The dos and don’ts are enumerated below:

Dos on buying electronic dog fences:

1.       Consult a Veterinarian

These devices are not suitable for all kinds of dogs so there’s a need for you to consult a veterinarian. They are capable of determining if the electronic type of dog fence will be suitable for your pet based on its temperament and medical archives.

2.       Plot the Wire Perimeter Earlier

Early planning on where you are going to plot the boundaries (in which the wires will be buried) allows the installer to swiftly locate the right place. You can also early determine what will be the required types of tools that will be utilized

3.       Test the  Wires Above Ground  and the Collar Batteries Regularly

Like in any application done, you must first test the material or equipment before putting it into effect. Testing beforehand will ensure its efficiency. It will be hassle if you directly put the wires under the ground and later found out that it’s not working.

4.       Invest Time to Train Your Dogs

When the veterinarian permitted you to use electronic fence, your next aim is to find ample time to train your dogs. This is for the success or efficiency of the containment.

Don’ts on buying electronic dog fences:

1.       Avoid using Fence with Certain Fence Systems

Like what’s stated above, consultation to a veterinarian is must.

2.       Avoid Running Wire Along

As an owner, you must avoid running the wire along other lines such us telephone, or antenna wires to avoid service interruptions or electrical hazards.

3.       Don’t put the Transmitter Outdoors

The transmitter will be best place indoor, in dry protected area.

Awareness on the positive or the negative aspects of a particular thing like in the electronic dog fences will give you proper guidance. This type of fence will have its drawback but you will also gain in its benefits. Be sensitive on buying electric dog fence wire. Choose the best and the suitable one.

When you are happy to walk your dog around and have got time to do so, your dog will be the happiest one. There comes times when you need to go out of the town for a few days or you are not able to take the dog out for some other problem. You will have to find the best way to keep the dog happy at that time too or else he will be brooding and unhappy. The dog gets depressed when they are unable to run around the place but you may find the neighbor takes offence if the dog reaches his courtyard. You will have to find a solution for this situation and the invisible fencing is the best way out of this strait.

Few problems which can cause you to think about the invisible fence

The invisible fences are the modern way to keep the dogs within the safe zone of your compound. The dog often roams around your house and often goes out of your home. This is dangerous for the dog as it can cause harm to the pet. It can go to any other compound and then it is embarrassing for you. You need to answer to the neighbor for causing disturbance to him. The dog can also roam out to another place from where it might face problem in coming back home. You would not like to cause this insecurity for your loving pet and would like him to be within doors. That again becomes unhealthy for he will not get any exercise.

Invisible fence and the safe zone for the pet

The invisible fence Indianapolis is the best solution for keeping your dog safely within your compound. The invisible fence is an option where it is going to help you keep your dog within a safe zone. The dog will be able to run around properly within the fenced off area and will not cause any problem to any of the neighbor. He will not be able to go out of the fence and so he cannot cause any harm to himself if he is left alone. The fence keeps him safe and he is contained in a safe and secure ground.

Training for the dog will give him the independence and safety

The dog is trained according to the warning system and thus the dog learns to understand that he is not to go over the area or he is going to get the shock till he comes back within the safe zone. The invisible fence for your pet can be different but the idea is the same. The collar gives off a mild shock to keep the dog within the zone of the wire that is placed in the ground. The wire gives off a signal to the transmitter if the dog goes near or over it and the transmitter activates the collar to put on the shock till the dog gets back to the area within the wire.

Brings peace for yourself and happiness for your pet

The dog needs training to be able to understand that the shock and get back to the area that is marked for him to be in. The dog can find this a good way to play around the ground without any supervision and leash. The wired area can be expanded around the house for 5 acres and this method will bring some comfort to you as you will not have to monitor the dog at all time. You can take some rest or you can complete your work within or out of the house. The fence can be used to give the dog its play zone is a safe way and it also keeps you out of any concern regarding your pet.

Wire Dog Crates – Choosing the Right One for your Dog

Posted January 16th, 2012 by admin

Dog crates are important for any canine household. It provides a way to confine your pet when you cannot supervise him, in order for you to ensure his safety and protect your house from damage. Crate training is also recommended by dog trainers as a way to provide dogs with a safe place where he can stay in comfortably at any given time. There are various types of dog crates and those that are made from wire are the most popular because they are durable and can be taken down for ease of transport from one place to another. Wire crates are quite heavy, which can be a positive feature if your dog is likely to rock around while inside the crate.


A good thing is that these crates are available in various sizes and styles, so you can freely get the one that you think is best for your pet. However, what you should remember when purchasing a wire dog crate is to pick the one where your dog can comfortably turn around and stand up in. Do not be enticed to provide him more room by getting a larger crate as this will give him the impression that he can eliminate there.

Normally, wire dog crates have a pan on the base, which prevents the dog from standing up on the metal slats. You can also place a blanket, pillow or crate pad on the base for added comfort. However, if your dog is a chewer, it is safer for your pet to avoid using such items. Most wire crates also have 2 doors – one door on its side and one door at the end.

Depending on the situation, you may find that the door on the side or the other is more convenient to use. For example, you can easily switch locations without worrying about access to the crate’s door. The doors close with 1 or 2 latches and a dog will rarely find out how to unlock the latch. With a wire dog crate, you can simply add another clip or a padlock to the door, which the dog cannot operate. Other styles of crate cannot be modified in this way.

Where should you place the wire dog crate at home?

The location of the wire dog crates at home depends on how you will use it. If you’ll mostly confine your dog in the crate when you’re not at home or when there are workmen, then a quiet location is the best choice for you. However, if you will be putting your dog in the crate while you’re at home such as when you’re taking care of other things or you’re busy cooking, a more central spot is better. This is because dogs love to check on the flow of activities even if they’re snoozing.

If you want to provide more privacy to your dog and match the crate’s appearance with your home decor, you can get a cloth cover that fits well around 3 sides. Cloth covers are available in various designs and most of them can be machine washed. If you are on a budget and you are crafty, you can make your own cover. This way, you can personalize the design of the cover and match it with your dog’s personality. There are also various ways for disguising a dog crate such as putting it under the side table.

Most dogs love to spend their time in the crate even if they have not been placed there. This is also one of the reasons why you have to put the dog crates in a location where he will still be able to observe the activities at home. You may also consider putting several dog crates at home like one in the living room and one in your bedroom.

Since wire dog crates can be folded with ease, you can store it away when it is not needed. For this reason, they’re also more convenient to travel with. If you travel a lot with your dog or you frequently join your pet in dog sports competition, a wire crate is a better choice than a large plastic one. It is however important to keep in mind that wire dog crates are not accepted for airline travel, so if you’re traveling by plane, better choose another type of crate.

Wire dog crates are also a good option for home use. This type of crates are versatile and can be positioned anywhere. They are heavier than cloth or plastic crates, which is very beneficial if your pet becomes restless. Most dog owners also prefer wire crates as it has the most flexibility and can be decorated through using a fabric that suits the room’s décor. More than that, they’re chew-proof, thus it can be used for any kinds of dog.

Other things to consider when purchasing a wire dog crate

When purchasing a dog crate, be sure to get it from a reputable store, be it an online or an offline store. This is to make sure the dog crate you will purchase it really durable and will last for a long time. Aside from the store where you will purchase the dog crates, you also need to consider the size that best suits your dog. As mentioned, you should not get a wire crate that is too large for your pet nor should you get one that is too small for him. Choose the right size for your dog as he will surely grow very comfortable in it and this will allow you to easily confine him in when you need to.

Most dogs also love being in a comfortable crate. It satisfies their inborn need for a cozy spot that is surrounded on all sides, where they can completely relax all the time. By putting your pet in a dog crate when you cannot supervise him, you can have the peace of mind that your dog is in a safe and comfortable place. Dogs love routine, so usual crating can also become their source of comfort in that way.